CD3200 USB QR code scanner

CD3200 - U

2D Image Barcode Scanner

  • Image (Pixels): 640 pi (H)  x 480pi (V)
  • Visual Indicator: Red and Blue Bi-color LED Lights, Buzzer.
  • Power: 5VDC, 170mAh
CD3200 BT Scanner

CD3200 - BT

Wireless 2D Image Barcode Scanner

  • Image (Pixels): 1280pi (H)  x 800pi (V) 1 Million pixels
  • Visual Indicator: Bi-color LED Lights, Buzzer & Vibration
  • Power/Battery: 5VDC, 400mAh/ 2200mAh Continuous 36hrs scanning in full charge. USB charge & Scan at same time

LS-3000 R

Laser Barcode Scanner

  • Light Source: Visible Laser Diode 650nm [0 to 4000 Lux (Fluarancene) 0to1,00,000 LUX
  • Visual Indicator: Blue LED Lights, Buzzer
  • Power/Battery: 5 VDC ; 85mA
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